Lipid Skin Tightening Lotion

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    CBD Lipid Skin Tightening Lotion

    We blend our own animal free lotion base and add the finest ingredients for your skin’s nourishment and rejuvenation and effective natural pain relief. Enjoy a rich, creamy lotion loaded with pharmaceutical grade CBD and CBD flower lipids. As with all our products, we use only the finest CBD extracted from domestically grown licenced hemp cultivars. Lipids are natural fats that are essential components of our skin. Supplementing lipids topically play an important role in maintaining the strength of our body’s protective barrier, which holds moisture, protects us from skin damage and keeps dirt and impurities out. They also help your skin’s natural repair process.

    Active Ingredients

    • Pharmaceutical grade pure CBD
    • CBD Lipids derived from mature hemp flowers
    • All natural terpenes

    30 Days Satisfaction Guarantee